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PC / Mac: Setup and Support

New computer setups, unboxing of all devices, attaching all necessary cables neat and tidy, initial setup & configuration as needed, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth configuration, VPN setup, printer setup, software installation / configuration, troubleshooting, upgrades and repair. We also show you how to use it! Home office and business support are available.

Network, low voltage & coax cabling

Does connecting wires leave you in a tangle? There are so many types of cabling needs for technology: Ethernet, coax, Fiber optic, HDMI, Analog / digital interconnects for audio / video systems, speakers, musical instruments, etc. Don't tear your hair out! We can provide help in designing, installing and supporting various types of wiring in your home or business.

Smart Home Device Setup / Installation

Thermostats, video doorbells, locks, speakers, displays, hubs, home security systems, cameras and other devices. Brands we support, but not exclusively: August, Simplisafe, Level, Sonos, Alexa Echo, Dot, etc. Google Home / Nest Hello & hub, Ring, Samsung SmartThings and others. We can help setup, install, configure and show you how to use it!

Audio / Video Installation

We can help with setting up your entire home theater, conference room, or place of business with many different audio / visual products. We can setup your smart TV, projector, surround sound system, soundbar, streaming device, speakers, program remotes and much more. We will connect all devices as necessary and configure them to work seamlessly with each other.

TV / Projector mounting

This is our most popular service! Don't have a stud finder, level or other tools? Not to worry. We can help install that new TV whether you provide the wall mount or not. We can mount to many different surface types, locations and even conceal the wires on or in wall to your preference. Don't forget to add on soundbar installation if you need help with that as well.

NVR Camera system

We can setup and configure your Network Video Recorder device, install wireless or wired cameras and any necessary cabling to accomplish your surveillance needs. Whether you are trying to protect your home or business, we are here to help. We can also consult with you on equipment needs and other factors when building this type of system.

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